Monday, June 22, 2009

Graduation Day

Where does the time go, seems like yesterday that my own daughters were graduating from school. Now it is my Grand daughter that is graduating. By the numbers, we will have one graduation every year now for the next four years.

What a proud moment to see the loves of your life grow into adults. Looking back, I never had cameras and computers to document my own kids nor for some of the Grandsons. I getting better with age myself and managed to capture a few pictures that I like to share.

Chelsey the second oldest of 3 grand daughters(and my youngest daughter’s girl) had her graduation tonight a day after Fathers Day. What a present.

Sisters, Chelsey and Abby. In another 4 years Abby will graduate.

Cousins Chelsey and Caitlin who graduated 2 years ago.

Proud parents of Chelsey and Abby. Momma is our youngest daughter.


Anonymous said...

Whatbeautiful girls you have, Doug! A proud grand-pa indeed.

Anonymous said...

Great pics of your granddaughters, Doug and a good job of keeping up with them.


Moongrl722 said...

Gorgeous girls, Doog! I know you're proud. :)