Sunday, June 21, 2009

Gardening by Color

Summer has finally arrived and the gardens have sprung to life. The warmer nights make all the difference between so, so and lush growth. My garden has lots of color until July and then green takes over until fall.
First in bloom are the daffodils then tulips.

Followed by, garden phlox a low creeper and garden edger

Then the Irises, which I have 50 or so varieties of start to bloom. They are short lived but beautiful. At one time, I started collecting the 100 most popular Irises. All award winners at one time or another. They expand so fast, I decided it was a dumb idea. Who needs more work?

Peonies are in now but about to give way to the Asiatic Lilies.
I had a huge collection of Lillie’s at one time, but weeds have choked out my garden rows.

My pride are the climbing roses and Clematis inner-twineing on a trellis that hides a big old stump. It has taken me 3 or 4 years to get to this point.

The early months of spring we are busy with hanging baskets in the greenhouses. They are now all shipped out.

I should have some quality time to enjoy the rest of the summer, afterall, winter is just around the corner again.

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Jamqueen said...

What beautiful flowers! We have had so much rain this spring that some of mine are doing great while others are waterlogged!
But the berries are loving this weather!