Thursday, September 24, 2009

Travels on the information Hi-way

Throughout my travels along the information hi-way, I have met people that go out of their way to do a kindness. Simple kindness, even though they may be a stranger, that I have never met.... accept maybe on a forum.

Forums are wonderful places to meet people. My first encounter with a forum was searching for gardening information and I settled on Garden Web that had a collection of friendly people. Since my business was plants, I had lots to offer to help others, and I also learnt a lot. A bunch of us met in Niagara Falls and also at a gathering at our house, and some.... through the power of internet email; I still stay in contact with many posters and we have remained friends for 12 years or more.

The second source was through a travel forum on Mexico. I stumbled across a site that provided lots information on a tiny island off of Cancun called Isla Mujeres. Back in those days it had a wonderful forum of people helping to understand why Isla Mujeres was such a wonderful place to vacation too. There have been other forums come and go and a couple still exist. Places like Isla Travelers Board or Isla Mujeres Info & chatter Board the boards have helped popularize Isla. Not a bad thing at all until, some of the Cancun type hi-rises started to put blight on the landscape.

Gardeners and Travelers are friendly people. I have had many offers, places to stay, places to visit and even small gifts. Pictures of family, pictures of homes and pictures of hobbies. A couple of friends also have websites. A dog that writes about life with humans is hilarious, The World According to Tedi B , A retired executive who writes a blog about Eating out in Cancun and my artistic friend in Florida has pages on his hobbies at Geezerman’s world but keeps changing hobbies, a gifted artist that has become more interested in building models. And then there is the JamQueen who just loves to make award winning entry’s in fall fairs, but has a love of photography also.
Meeting new people and making friends is what makes the internet so interesting. Writing keeps the mind active.