Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Another passing season

Another season has quickly passed us by. I am sure it is not completely over, but when I awaken and step outside to see frost, who! is going to quibble about a few days.
All that work I had set aside for cooler weather....Well! “pitter, patter, lets get at er”

The good woman decided new carpets in the computer room were necessary.
So! up with the old and in with the new. Move everything out, rip up the baseboards and get out the paint brush. Hell, I thought she said carpets not reconstruction. Will us guys never learn. women talk with forked tongue.
I was down for a few days, out of action. no computer! I was having withdrawal symptoms. Slowly, I have been putting it all back together. Great time to organize the piles., although! now, I can’t find a damn thing.
Does look much nicer.

She is full of good ideas. Now, she is talking about re-doing a bedroom. Maybe! I could slap her in the head with a shovel, and bury the bones out behind the barn. It would be less work, but then! I would be without a best friend, one who cooks, cleans, does the laundry and is the best painter around. If only she would clean fish! It is hard to improve, perfection.

Time away from the Honey-do list.
You gotta love the colors of fall.

A hike through the open bush trail is great on a pleasant Sunday afternoon.

I love this view from a local restaurant.

My travels always take me to the lake sooner or later.

Now I feel rejuvanated. Bring on the other rooms.
In fact I feel so good, I think I will go fishing.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Cool Dreams

Dreaming about Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Sitting around on a cool rainy fall day, dreaming of the island we love. So out came some pictures. Many fond memories are captured in photos. Reviewing the pictures, I can feel the sand between my toes a cold Cervesa in my hands and a seafood plate before me.
Life is great on Isla Mujeres.

Isla Mujeres the Island of Women commonly referred to, as just- Isla.

Isla is situated off Cancun approximately 8 miles across the Bay of Bahia de Mujeres..
Travel to and from the island is by ferry companies that run regular schedules every half hour. Ferry service is excellent and reasonable.

Leaving Grand Puerto ferry dock on Cancun side of Bay.

Arriving on Isla.

The original ferry arrives. Visitors have the option of two ferry services. That is what makes moving passengers so efficient.
Old ferry arrives.

Isla is not a big island at approximately 5 miles long by ½ mile wide at its widest.
There is no lack of taxi’s servicing the island. Also, golf cart rentals & mopeds are available. Down town area is small and located in the north end, east to west from shore to shore. Excellent shopping and a zillion restaurants to treat your taste buds. Everything, from pizza to excellent catch of the day seafood, and steaks to tacos is available. A lot is crammed into a few blocks of commercial bliss. Just don’t expect a lot of Cancun style night life.

You gotta love Petey the parrot at the French Bistro.

A stroll down Hidalgo St. where many shops and restaurants are located.


What is so special about Isla besides awakening to a beautiful sunrise morning.


Sunrise 3

Or to go dining after a beautiful romantic sunset.



Everything between sunrise and sunset is memorable.

There are excellent beaches for the swimmer, snorkeler, beachcomber and sunbather.
The hurricane of 2006 did major damage to some of the pristine beaches but they are still alive and well.

North Beach before the hurricane.

North Beach after the hurricane.
Beach to turtle farm

I am hard pressed to think of what is not available on Isla. The once sleepy serene little fishing village, is a tourist destination of day trippers from Cancun or the Rivera.
High rise hotels & condos are springing up all over the island. But this once small fishing village has retained a special charm.

The Avalon complex was the largest on the island until the recent building boom. The Avalon is located on the extreme northeast corner of the island.
Avalon 1

The bridge to Avalon.

Avalon bridge

Inside Avalon grounds.

Some of the pictures may be a couple of years old. That can happen when they get stored in one album. I have not captured the commercial rise, I am more interested in Isla serenity. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Mayan people used the island as a sanctuary.
A Mayan woman taking her sales to the beach people.

Bikini Inspection is a daytime job.

Playa Lancheros is the place for great tixs & chix, a whole open fired seafood treat.

Many pictures are of the beaches in various areas of the island.
Stroll along beaches to the southwest.
Along the west side at Crystal Mar


Mar y Sol Beach (west side)
Mar y Sol beach

Playa Lancheros pier.

Snorkel beach Garafon castilla
Snorkling Garafon

Rugged but beautiful Punta sur
Punta sur coast line1

South end – Punta sur walkway.
Punta sur walk

A Mar y sol neighborhood.



Zama Beach Club
Zama's View

View from Zama’s pier.

The rugged east coast line.
Punta Sur coastline

Punta pierdra beach.
Punta P beach

Punta Pierdra back view. (note - they were building next door when picture was taken)
Punta Pierdra back view

Back to Avalon and a view of the east coast, plus Rock house.
Avalon backshoreline

This will tie me over for a while, feel like I walked around the island.
Good Bye Isla, till next time.