Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Immigration and the Criminals Within

A recent W5 story makes one wonder, is this country managed by nothing but deceit? W5’s story about immigration & criminals may not be a 100% accurate but this is not as important as the government accountability.
First we have Paul Martin denying what his government knew about corruption and now we have Alain Bellecoeur hiding from the camera like a worm in a hole; avoiding an explanation to the public….to the taxpayer.

If something is broke, then fix it. If you can’t recognize a problem and deal with it; then the truth is being hidden. Alan Bellecoeur refusal to answer to the taxpayer is inexcusable behavior.

Do we want officials that won’t be accountable? Has the Government of Canada become a legalized Mafia? The W5 story has brought up so many concerns; I hope they will pursue this problem farther.

Prime Minister Harper has a opportunity to show he is concerned for the safety of our citizens and the country.
A good start would be to fire Alain Bellecoeur and put in a management team that is accountable. The government should also revamp the immigration laws. It is time to remove criminals from Canadian soil and stop playing a numbers came and covering up the truths of a broken system.

What we don’t need is Alain Bellecoeur sneaking into corners like a little rodent to avoid the camera and the accountability to the people who pay his salary.