Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Remembrance Day

Remembrance day is just a week away.
Have you bought your poppy a gesture of appreciation  to all the veterans?

I really feel passionate about this.
I go into the local small town grocery store and outside stands a veteran selling poppies. Inside the store not one of the staff had a poppy on. Men and women put their lives on hold, and some lost their life, so we could live in a free society. And here, we have business people not giving a damn. They don't even stop at 11am to give a moment of silence (last year). How dreadful.
I told the store manager what I thought, I was miffed just enough that I didn't care. Maybe I will write corporate office.

If nothing else I hope to spread this word and make a little difference in our otherwise thoughtless unapprecative world. Please show your support  and bring attention to this lack in attitude.