Tuesday, February 28, 2012

One of life's treats as I travel the Dusty Road.

Part of the reason I do this blog is; so I can look back upon where I have been, and my travels, and adventures down the Dusty Road of life. Times like this when I appreciate Grandchildren.

A new teenager has step her foot onto the pathway and I couldn't be prouder.
My sweet little Abby turned 13 today.
She is the baby of the family and a real treat. She is a great talent and has won awards for her dancing. She dances competitive dance routines.

Never forget the time I said, I had to get my haircut, and she jumped in and said, "I will cut your hair Grandpa". Everyone looked at her like she had two heads and asked, "what do you know about cutting hair". Reply was that she watches the hair dresser closely when she goes with her Mom.
What the heck. If she messed it up, I would still go to the Barber. We were all amazed at what a great job she did. I go to her regularly now between barber appointments. Now she wants to do my nails.

She should be a comedian, she keeps us laughing. I honestly don't know where she comes up with her slapstick humor. But she has been a real treat as a Grandchild. 

Baby Abby at the Beach

Always a Grandpa's girl.

Miss Ham

All grown up now

Happy 13th Birthday Abby.
Feb 28th.1999 was a very good year.

Monday, February 20, 2012

What a Kid

My Grand daughter Chelsey is working hard trying to break into the country music scene. She is doing pretty darn good for just starting out. Writes and sings her own songs, taking guitar lessons and trying to keep up with her high school studies. 
You can get a partial peak at her music at this site. chelseymusic

I snapped this picture at her Grade 8 graduation when she wasn't looking.It has been one of my favorites. She is in Grade 11 now.
Before she took up singing she was into dance and was pretty good, winning an award one year, but,her love was singing. I am so proud of her I could bust a button.