Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Canadian Taxpayer

Looks more and more like we Canadians will be going to the polls to elect another Government.

Question is, do we re-elect the corrupt Liberals or go for the sell us down the river Conservatives and who in their right mind wants to elect a New Democrat government that will join forces with the crooks.

We as Canadians only elect liars and thieves and sit back and complain about what a terrible job they are doing. Do they ever keep their promises? Do they care?
How can we continue to allow politicians to mis-manage this great nation? Steal our money, mis-appropriate funds, lie about intentions and not give a hoot about the health of the people and the nation in general?

The problem with Canadian Politicians is they just don’t care what we want. Their focus is on what they want. Our whole system is based on a Monarchy. a dictatorship. They do not manage our country they mis-manage it. Regardless of what peoples needs are, they will mis-appropriate (steal) our funds in the name of tax dollars. We are so close to a communist state, they want all our hard earned money, at least 80% now goes in taxes of some type. The problem is that the money is then wasted or they steal it and have the audacity to say there is no money for worthwhile projects such as health care. $355 million recently has been identified at the Gomry Inquire into the Sponsership scandal.

There is no accountability for where the money goes. Who ever sees a balance sheet of what is spent and where it is spent? There is no company in the world that runs this way (Sorry, a few have been caught and sent to prison). When politicians steal, they have an inquiry. The inquiries are another huge cost to the taxpayer. There should be no inquiry; there should be a trial, which ultimately leads to jail time. It does for us if we steal. Where is the deterrent for political theft?

Canadians are nothing more that a flock of ostriches. Stick there heads some where dark and warm while continuing to be baffled with Bullshit.
When you get your pension, that measily sum, that is still taxed; think of some fat cat politician living it up on a pension that took approximately one term in office.