Friday, July 31, 2009

Some quality time in the north country

It was nice to get away for a few days with our friends Dianne & Murray.
A nephew(Greg) invited us north for a few days to his cottage that he has been building the last couple of years. Greg is also Dianne’s son.

Greg & Denise Cottage

Greg and his wife Denise are a wonderful couple and their two boys are some of the nicest kids a person may meet.

We spent some quality time on Greg’s lake fishing.

The bass were biting and we caught some monsters. Unfortunately I never had my camera in the boat.

It is a small lake and we caught and released 3 lb fish.

We also had tickets to attend a special event that was being hosted by the Shriners. It was a Surf and Turf cookout and was being held in the Georgian Bay's 30,000 island area.

Leaving Snug Harbor.

On the boat ride Murray discusses world events or the plight of the Canadian Loon?

Arriving at the Surf & Turf event.

Beef is on the Barbi.

Pickerel is in the fryer.

There was no shortage of food. Trays of smoked fish and smoked sausage along with veggies and dip just kept on circulating.It was hard to pace ones self for the main event.

We also toured one of the finest golf courses in all of Ontario, maybe even Canada. Murray’s son is the manager and made arrangements for two golf carts at our disposal. I at first thought, these are awful big greens, until I realized they weren’t greens but the fairways. Incredible golf course, if someone wants to loan me 50 grand, I will take out a membership.

Unfortunately, I left my camera in the car. After all it is only a golf course, see one you see them all. How wrong I was.
I did manage to take a picture of Drew's backyard.This wouldn't be too hard to wake up too.

As we bid the north country a fond farewell, we also had to say goodbye to Pedro. The smartest sweetest dog of the north.

Goodbye Pedro

and thank Greg & Denise and kids for the hospitality.


Jamqueen said...

Looks like you had a great trip! Thanks for sharing.

Moongrl722 said...

Oh, what a pretty cottage and gorgeous green country. I love their little Boston terrier. Those guys have lots of personality!

jeanie said...

What a pretty area! Haliberton?