Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas travel on rough and dusty roads

One fact, that never changes throughout life are the various dusty roads, we must endure. Christmas can be the happiest or the saddest time of year.

This year without my wife it was one of those rough roads.

We have always had the best of Christmas’s. The last few years we have congregated at my youngest girls place for Christmas supper. She has loads of space and a kitchen that can handle cooking for crowds. My wife and I always got up early to see the Grandbabies open their presents. My youngest, lives the closest to us and my daughter being the baby of our family expected Christmas to remain a status quo. This year was slightly different, she want me to sleep over but I have a connection at home that I won’t try to explain, besides, I have no trouble getting up early and driving ten minutes to their home.

This year my girls had an extra special Christmas for me.

I got so many gifts, I felt like one of the Grandkids. Even a stocking from Santa loaded with toiletries. I got everything, from an automatic backup hard drive, Hamilton Beach indoor grill, to new portable phone system, tons of clothes and gift certificates,

Tania out did herself with a beautiful meal. It was a wonderful Christmas except for the one empty chair.

I am so fortunate, to have the girls and their families in my life.

I was proud the way I handle Christmas without my wife, that is, until I unwrapped the framed gift I have pictured here. Sorry to say, it was that proverbial straw, emotionally, I broke down. I hope, I didn't ruin the kids Christmas, I know they were struggling, also. I could see it in their faces. They were wonderfully containing their emotions.

They say it gets better with time but nothing much has changed in 2 months.


Ann said...

Glad you had a good holidays with the kids & gradkids. Great that they made the day so special. The framed piece is beautiful.

Doug (aka Doogan) said...

Thanks Ann.One special gift was a CD of my Grand daughter singing, if I could ever figure out how to post it here, I would. Otherwise, I would send it by an attachment in a email to anyone that would like to hear her sing.....Doug

linda said...

I remember the first Christmas without my mom, way back in 1971- that empty chair, and how strong my dad was for all of us.
We used to chat on one of the old Isla boards so I feel like I know you a little.
Best wishes for things to slowly get better for you.

Moongrl722 said...

What a beautiful gift. You have wonderful daughters. I cannot imagine how difficult Christmas was for you wihout Carol. Big hugs.

Gerene said...

Absolutely beautiful....Carole will always be with you...Love the photo...you made such a beautiful couple....