Friday, October 29, 2010

My Youngest Daughter's - Euology to her Mother

I have been blessed to have had 3 wonderful daughters. When we wanted to speak at the funeral, people said, “Are you sure?”

Yes we were sure! My baby girl, is a sensitive child and she did her Mother proud.

Here is her message.

If you believe there is strength in numbers, then our family unit is weaker today. But we still pick each other up, wipe each others tears and hold each others hand; because that is what my mother would have wanted.

She was the rock of our family; Always staying strong for us, now we need to be strong for her.

My Mom’s entire life revolved around her family.She cherished those special occasions and holidays when we all made time to gather together. To eat home cooking, talk and laugh. No matter how full we were, Mom always saved room for desert.

She never forgot a birthday or anniversary. She attended every graduation, dance recital and special event, bursting with pride for whichever one of her 7 grand children she was there to support.

Today as we honor my mom, it gives me peace to know she is surrounded by the things she loved most; her family, friends, and all these beautiful flowers. She will always be the strongest, most courageous woman I will ever know. And her love and strength will carry on in each and every one of us.

My Mother’s Garden

My mother kept a garden, a garden of the heart.

She planted all the good things that gave my life a start.

She turned me to the sunshine and encouraged me to dream.

Fostering and nurturing the seeds of self-esteem.

And when the winds and rain came, she protected me enough;

But not too much because she knew, I’d need to stand up strong.

Her constant good example, always taught me right from wrong- they were markers for my pathway that will last a lifetime long.

I am my mother’s garden, I am her legacy- and I hope she feels the love reflected back from me.


Tania and Chelsey, Mother and daughter.

My 15 year old Granddaughter (Chelsey) sang. It was so beautiful and the first time she sang in a crowd. Her Grandma wanted to hear her sing but she was so shy we never got the opportunity to hear her. She wanted to sing for her Grandma, and it was the most beautiful voice I have ever heard.


I have so many people that I need to thank.

The Rev Heather Robinson, for her gentle touch to my back; renewing my strength when, I started to stumble.

Annie & Bill, Dianne & Murray, Dave & Mary, who, have always been a rock and keep in constant touch.

All the people, who sent flowers and signed cards to the Heart & Stroke Foundation.

To neighbors, and friends of my girls, who provide us with a endless supply of food.

To all the friends, who called and lent support.

To those, who came to the funeral

To all the many internet friends, who have added heart felt comments on the blogs.

To my best friend's Dave & Mary, who wanted to send me a ticket to fly west 3000 miles, to stay a while with them.

To Dennis Toll Funeral Home & Chapel, for providing the very best in professional service.

And most of all my family, who are always there giving comfort and keep thinking, I need to eat.

The Grand Children Carole was so proud of.

Two of three grand daughters, Caitlin & Chelsey

Inseparable, Abby with her idols, her cousins,Chad & Paul

My first born - Tracey, and her first born - Brent

Tracey's youngest- Alex on Graduation Day

A rare picture of Paul, with his girl friend Melissa and not his Cousin Abby.
Usually if I take a picture of Paul, Abby is with him.

And last but not least - My girls
Tania, Tracey, Terri, Carole
Carole passed away 11 days after this picture.
Love! is a beautiful four letter word. Use it often ………Doug

Never Say Goodbye

I am walking with you hand in hand,

I am speaking to your heart.

Listen when I say to you,

"I'm here, we'll never part."

I am with you in the daytime,

I am with you through the night.

I hear the prayers you're sending me.

Can you hear me? I'm alright.

I am happy and I wear a smile,

I'm with some friends you know.

Open your soul and listen to me,

I'm here, I did not go.

I am holding you with living arms,

I am carrying you through your tears.

I am listening to you tell the stories

Of our laughter through the years.

I am shining down a light of love

From the heaven in the sky.

Please believe me when I tell you,

I will never say goodbye.


Moongrl722 said...

Your family is beautiful and your daughter did a great job with the eulogy. It brought tears to my eyes and would have made any Mother proud. I'm so glad that your Granddaughter sang for Carole. You are in my prayers.

Linda said...

I am so sorry for your loss; it was much too early.

RIP, Carole

Aka Isla Chica

Jan said...

I am so sorry for your loss. What a wonderful eulogy by your daughter, you must be very proud of her. Your family is your rock, they will sustain you.