Friday, May 29, 2009

Hospital Week

A long week of travel to and from a out of town hospital. We took the wife into emergency a week ago. She was weak and breathing heavy, they admitted her immediately. Of course, the mind plays awful tricks and the worst scenario is imagined.
I was thinking heart failure, or another stroke. They determined it was an inflammation of the pancreas lining brought on by her medications. She is on so many heavy duty drugs for artery disease and rheumatoid arthritis; they said one of them finally disrupted the pancreas. So now it is a wait and see while they play around and reduce medications and do blood work to keep check on results.

The good news she is home; not as chirpy as before but still too active for a girl that spent a work week in the hospital. She finds it hard to just rest and I find it hard to chase after her and make sure she does. I am still very concern,she is not that well, I see it in her eyes,she never complains.

The lawns looked like the hay field, flower beds have been neglected and some need planting, the greenhouses are full (not ours, I just look after the watering).
Had a helper come in to do the spring cleaning and wash the windows. I have little time to spend working my webpage Roadfoodjunkie and we haven’t been able get out and do a few roadtrips like I would like to add some more content.
When life hands you lemons, make lemonade, or blog to sweeten one’s disposition.


Jamqueen said...

Sorry to hear about your wife's stint in the hospital....nice to know she's home; hope they straightened out the medications.

dbarnee752 said...

Hi Mr. Sims.
I am sorry to hear about Mrs. Sims. She is an amazing women. I think about your family often as I have wonderful childhood memories with you all. My mom sent me your blog link a few months ago, and I check in once in a while to see new pictures and stuff.


dbarnee752 said...

Part 2

Take care,

Karen (Staley)