Saturday, November 19, 2005

Isla Mujeres after Wilma

Our little island in the sun was hit hard by Hurricane Wilma.
It is only ½ mile wide by 5 miles long and lies off the coast from Cancun approximately 20 mins by ferry.

Hundreds of tourists travel daily from the mainland to Isla Mujeres, they are looking for the tranquil beaches of white sand, tropical waters in technical shades of blue and green, cold beer or fruit drinks spiked with tequila delivered to their lounge chair. Evenings they choose to dine at the many restaurants that serve some of the most delectable meals either traditional or native. Then may chose to sit in a favorite beach bar watching the sun set, or maybe a dance in the moonlight. They realize there is an excellent ferry service that will get them back and forth for a measly sum of 35 pesos / $3.50 US.

Many people chose to ride out the storm, they would endure countless hardships.
It would send all island regular tourists into a tailspin, what happen to their favorite accommodations, the friends, and their usual watering hole? They clamored for tidbits of information on Isla bulletin boards. The island was without power, water and basic necessities of life. Information was slow in coming there was little contact to the outside world, the ferries weren’t running.

It is unimaginable that this tiny island would recover, but recover they did; and in record time.
Most of the electricity has been restored, water has been restored and the ferries are once again transporting visitors and workers back and forth to the mainland. The island called Isla Mujeres has once again proven why it is so resilient. These fine people know how to work together to get mammoth jobs complete. The original estimates where approximately 6 to 8 months but they have done most of it in just over 30 days.

What’s not to like about Isla, few places where you can feel safer and enjoy a vacation with total freedom of old world charm. The people are A-1 the best.


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