Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gone Fishing

It has been quite a while since I last blogged. Friends are writing asking how was fishing and it is sometimes easier to just tell the story once.

My Son-in-law Wayne asked me to go north with him, rent a cottage to do some fishing. We went to a favourite Camp Horizon located north of Sturgeon Falls in a tiny outback called Field. High north country approximately 6 hour drive; a get-away….for a couple of good friends.

We had a great time, great weather, scenery, tons of laughs, and of course a couple of beers along with some good cooking. Fishing was off. As the old saying goes; “should have been here yesterday” Seems we missed the big bite by a couple of days. Two women spent a week up there and was getting their limits of Walleye daily. Yeah! I know! shown up by a couple of city girls.

Anyway, here is a pictorial of our trip. Hope your not all on dial-up.

Our Cabin at Camp Horizon.

2 bedroom one bath.
View out the window

View of cabin from the dock

Capt. Wayne... our first day out was a little overcast.
We did get some rain that night.

Looking back from the water towards camp.

Main dock and office straight ahead.

Lots of fall colors. 
We seen a big change in just a few days north.

Rugged shoreline
Beautiful day to be on the water

I think we fished every nook and cranny but the bite was slow.
But the weather made up for it. Water is crystal clear.

We did manage to catch a few each day.

At least enough for supper.
I know your thinking where did they catch those sausages?
Hey! it was pitch black when we were barbecuing.

We went for walleye and and I kept catching pike.
But they were pretty tasty.

My son-in-law Wayne managed to catch a couple nice Walleye

Just had to get a picture of the boat dock from our front patio.


Another day passes us by.
Notice rods are still out. Making the best of each and every day.
They all end so fast.

Hate to leave this gorgeous day.
Just one more cast.

Sunset and time to call it a day.

After a hard day of fishing this is what we did best.
Had us some good eats, a couple of pops and relaxed.
It just doesn't get any better but all good things come to an end.

 Fall colors on the start of our drive home.
We virtually have little color yet in Southern Ontario but travel 5 hours north and there is full bloom.

Thanks to Wayne for great company and a great time.

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Jo Jo said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time! What can you say?? Beautiful scenery sure enough, super nice place to go..and it sure looks like some nice fish to me! I'm so glad you had the opportunity to get out a little before the cold winter starts!

Anonymous said...

Amazing scenery in your part of the world, Doug. What a beautiful place to recharge.


Anonymous said...

loving all of their unique sense of style! Such great pictures posted you, looking yumm!

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Jana said...

What pretty scenery and your cabin couldn't be closer to the water! Lovely sunsets. Looks very relaxing.