Monday, October 12, 2009

Thanksgiving in Ontario

Well it is another year to be thankful, traditionally, Thanksgiving in Canada is the second Monday of October. This is a time for family to sit as one, and appreciate a great meal, giving thanks to the end of another bountiful season.

Fall fairs are in full swing right now; without a week going by that you can't find one somewhere. 4H club's showing off their prize winning livestock, vegetables, or baked goods and the sights and sounds of the midway, the smell of onions and hamburger patties being tossed around on a hot grill. The fall colors of trees are in full swing awaiting a hard frost and a windy day, to shed their canopy. A signal winters fury can now enter another stage of our life.

There is nothing more important in our life than to sit down to a table surrounded by family. Family values are important.
A traditional day such as Thanksgiving is one of those days, a day of fond memories.

My youngest daughter and her family have a beautiful home in the country, and space to hold our immediate family of 15.
Tania's home


Entrance to home

Table is all set and awaiting the arrival of the rest of the family.


The Mom and daughter working like beavers in the kitchen.


Tania is a wonderful cook and hostess, everyone brings something. The good woman, and mother of our three beautiful daughters, brings the pies. This year it was apple, lemon and pecan which replaced a pumpkin by a vote of 2 to 1.


A couple of views out the kitchen window looking for those wild turkeys.

pond,window view

They won’t be in the pool but maybe the woods in back.

pool,window view

Oh! here’s the turkey.... Tom was hiding in the oven.
This turkey was the moistest turkey ever encountered; 30lbs of golden goodness cooked to perfection, a job well done....Tania.


Lets get him plated up. I’m hungry.


One of my most challenging feats is to get a good picture of the grand-babies, they usually turn their heads, put their hands up, or act like their mother’s when facing a camera. This year, I almost got a good picture.


Well I have had my pie. They would all win an award of excellence.
Apple would certainly rank as deep dish blue ribbon quality, but my favorite was the lemon.

apple pie

This is where I take a break, “please keep the festive mood down, where is the couch”?

Everything about this day and this meal was perfect, except for two Grandsons that couldn’t make it this year.


Jamqueen said...

All the food looks yummy & the family get together is great! Great photos, Doug!
Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful home and yard!!! food looks REALLY good!!

Doug (aka Doogan) said...

Thanks guys for the comments. It was a great family day.I did feel a little stuffed myself.

Moongrl722 said...

Beautiful home and gorgeous family. Looks like you had a lovely day. The food looks delicious. Pass the pecan pie!

Chicagotom said...

My Mom use to make me a pecan pie every year for Thanksgiving, your pictures reminded me of her pie. Your family celebration looked wonderful. Happy Thanksgiving.

Roadfood junkie said...

Thanks again, yes we are a close knit family. The kids are taking over the special days and doing a wonderful job of it. This was the first year we never had Pumpkin Pie, though.